What would happen if I didn’t evangelize at all in this article?  What if you told me that you probably already know what I’m going to say, and we just talked about her suit?

Let’s try.

I loved that suit, but I think it’s emblematic of the reason why Emmy voters don’t go Maslany’s way – at least not yet. She’s a badass. The roles she plays are badass, the fact that Orphan Black was a raging success before the Emmys ever decided to take notice, as per Sarah’s point, is badass, and the clip she was in was badass.

Well, kind of. To discuss this next part I have to break my promise about Orphan Black, but let’s start by assuming you know it’s about a number of different women all played by Tatiana Maslany.

So okay, then, the bit she did on the red carpet with Samberg? If you know the show, then you’d know who she was ‘doing’, even if they didn’t have her say the keyword, “Seestra”. 

But if you don’t know…then it’s just that Canadian girl, eating beans and not even a little bit shy about it. That’s badass, of course. But I get the feeling Emmy voters want to be wanted. They want someone who, before a given win, is going to seem as unsure and nervous as the voters themselves feel.

Tatiana doesn’t have that. You can’t have that, if you’re going to do the kind of performances she does – at least, not outwardly and professionally. So she sat there in her badass white suit and earrings that I would have loved to get a better look at, and everyone automatically started thinking about next year.

Why aren’t you watching Orphan Black, though? Like actually why?