Taupe finally confirmed herself yesterday what we’ve now known for months – she’s pregnant with her second. She’s also, unintentionally of course, using it to her advantage with the MiniVan Majority.

Check out Jennifer Garner yesterday at the Baby Einstein 10th anniversary event yesterday wearing curtains. I’ve watched this Baby Einstein business before. The lowest budget simplest concept ever and the kids go bananas hypnotic. It was only conceived 10 years ago?

Back to Taupe and her window dressing dress. On Nicole Richie – for sure. Somehow Nicole Richie would make this work.

On Taupe… on Taupe, well, it’s Taupe. It’s the Governess Maria fashioning playclothes from what used to be hanging in the children’s rooms. At the very least though, at the very least it’s not this. This is the Taupe equivalent to Jessica Simpson’s high waisted horror. Everything is all relative in comparison.

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