The Bang Bang Club screened at the Tribeca Film Festival today. Malin Ackerman, Ryan Phillippe, and Taylor Kitsch were all present. I don’t know what’s happening with Taylor’s hair but it’s hurting me, like actual physical pain. Obviously not his best showing.

Having said that, yay for him hanging out with DeNiro on red carpets!

But back to the hair…

Is it long in the back or short? Is it in a ponytail? Is that a combover? Why am I including the word COMBOVER in an article about Taylor Kitsch????????????? The world hates me.

Fortunately, he does look better in the portrait studio than he does on the carpet. What a beautiful face. And we will NOT discuss why he appears to be the same height as wee Ryan Phillippe. There is only so much torture I will inflict on myself.

The Bang Bang Club opens today.

Also, Friday bonus:

Photos from Neilson Barnard/Larry Busacca/