Their own breasts.

Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana continued to work on The Words in Montreal yesterday and, well, frankly, I have never been less attracted to him. Ever. Maybe it’s just a poor choice of shirt. Jacek says the sun isn’t hitting him right either. And his hair, which is usually the sh-t, looks terrible. Without anything positive to focus on then, I keep fixating on his breasts. Not hot. No quiver happening here. At all.

On the other hand, this week the first poster for John Carter of Mars was released featuring a side shot of a shirtless Taylor Kitsch and his impressive chest which, I mean, it seems a lot more solid than Coop’s, for sure, though I have to tell you, being a girl who prefers a lankier physique, I just wish it wasn’t so prominent. Should it come out as far as his head?

We are about 9 months away from the release of John Carter of Mars, finally. It’ll also mark the 100th anniversary of the character. Nice timing. They’ve shot it, and they’ve reshot it, and now they’re cutting it, and a lot of people are starting to buzz about it. Not only because they’ve shown some really great concept images from the production but also because it’s a strong team, led by Andrew Stanton (Wall-E, Finding Nemo) and they seem, so far, to be rather smart about pacing out the publicity which includes NOT going to Comic-Con. I’m kinda choked about this because I would have loved to see Taylor in San Diego but I also support Stanton’s explanation on why they chose to skip the Nerd Herd (Dylan started calling it that last year on Twitter when we went):

“I think what it was is the perception that it’s getting harder and harder to stand out amid the din. We’re going to do our special event to get some focus and separation. I know some people will read that as a sign that we’re unsure of our property. It’s just the opposite. We want to control how and what is being seen and the way it is presented. So much stuff now is just spit out so fast and the churn of it all. You almost gain nothing by talking about things really early in this day and age. I think in the future we might see things arrive the way Prince announces a concert where a few days before the show he announces it and tickets just go up. You might see that with movies and other things. That seems like the only way to get people interested and then capitalize off that interest.”

Stanton made these comments as part of an interview with the LA Times’ Hero Complex. Click here to read the full article, to learn more about John Carter of Mars which was the grandfather in many ways to Star Wars, and to see the aforementioned images. Am so happy for TK that he’s involved in a project with this kind of vision. 2012 is going to be huge for him. Hopefully huge.

Photos from PUNKD Images