And he looks GOOD. Really good. Better than he's looked in a long time. Here's Taylor Kitsch at the premiere of John Carter last night. And while he's totally hot and it's exciting that he's finally the lead on a carpet, I wish we could also say that he's the lead of a movie that's generating goodwill. Unfortunately John Carter, TK's big screen break, has been hit by a lot, and I mean a LOT, of bad press.

The trailer wasn't terribly well received but according to a seemingly well sourced article on The Daily Beast, there may be more to John Carter's sh-tty reputation than a preview that under-delivered. A power struggle at Disney is apparently one of the reasons why John Carter's marketing has been piss poor and why the movie hasn't been given a proper promotional push. Some believe that John Carter may be sacrificed in order so that executive usurpers might have an excuse to oust Disney's current boss. Still, even with the suggested studio conspiracy, that doesn't change the fact that fanboys and geeks don't seem to be encouraged with the footage they've seen so far. As such, they're saying John Carter could be another Ishtar...which, obviously, sucks really hard for TK. He deserved a better shot at this, he really did. I guess we still have Battleship. I know most of you are sh-tting on that too and I don't blame you. But bad movies win the box office all the time. I won't be sad if Battleship makes stupid money. And I really, really hope Savages is as good as they say it is. I was out last night getting some early word on that one. Apparently the studio is very confident. And especially re: Blake Lively. More on this later.

Click here to read the full article from The Daily Beast on John Carter.