You like it?

I don’t like it. Especially since his hair looked so good two weeks ago at CinemaCon - click here for a refresher. Here’s Taylor Kitsch, freshly buzzed, at the LA premiere of Battleship last night. Also attached - Alexander Skarsgard, Liam Neeson, and Brooklyn Decker who is getting completely out-styled by Rihanna every time they step out together.

You know what’s crazy? If I had to choose, I’d see Battleship before Dark Shadows. And this is not new. I said a couple of months ago when the trailer came out that it looked sh-tty to me. It’s not camp if it’s so broad, you know? And as I wrote earlier, Johnny’s been half-assing for a while now. It shows.

At the very least Battleship doesn’t pretend to be any more than a movie for the mindless. Boom explosion. Girls look worried but still cute. Everyone sweats really attractively. Aliens are bad but they can teach us about ourselves. Rental!