On the cover of Men’s Health.

You know I love him. But if I’m honest, I have to say I don’t love the hair. I can’t get down with hair like that. It’s too… truck stop/Fabio/trailer park. He needs to cut it. After Wolverine it’s time to cut it.

The rest of him however, the rest of him we won’t change a thing. Especially when he works so hard.

Lots of woodchucks for his core – hate woodchucks! And boxing and some other exercises and really, who cares? So long as he does it, I could give a sh-t what exactly he does.

If however you do, or you want to pass it on to your boyfriend for a hint, click here for Taylor’s training tips.

Tonight is Friday. Tyra will break your heart tonight. How many girls have been through the same? And you will SQUEE loud at the end …

A small spoiler – look away if you don’t want it:

Lyla and Riggins closing the episode. I promise you, you will watch it back 3 maybe 4 times. Hot and hilarious and wickedly adorable all at the same time.