Sarah from Cinesnark says that John Carter might break even, eventually, but that it’s still considered a bust considering how much it cost to make and market it. Yes, John Carter took a massive dump. But there’s one good thing to have come from it:

Taylor Kitsch gets papped now.

I mean, 3 months ago, you couldn’t pay a photographer to recognise Taylor Kitsch. Photographers don’t watch FNL. They had no idea. And now?

Now TK goes to London and they shoot him leaving a restaurant. Maybe they’ll even shoot him at the airport. Or having lunch in LA. The point is, it’s so much easier now finding new pictures of him when you request it for shout-outs.

We must thank John Carter for this.

So here’s TK in London today for the Battleship photo call with Rihanna, Brooklyn Decker, and Peter Berg. As mentioned earlier this week, Battleship will open a month earlier in Europe so as to avoid Euro 2012 and capitalise on the international market. After all, it’s the international market that’s saving John Carter’s ass. Universal is smart to put aside the tradition of releasing domestically first and go for where the money is. What difference does it make to the people in America anyway?