There are NEVER any pictures of Taylor Kitsch!

So it was a surprise just now when I came back from a meeting to check the photo agencies and ... he was on Good Morning America!

How many sentences can end with an exclamation point in this article??!

Not really sure what he’s promoting. Probably John Carter though it seems early being 4 months away. But wait. It turns out I don’t care why he’s there. He’s just there. And it’s such a delightful early Christmas present that I’ll only mention his weird lookin’ pants in a very small voice. Also...the hair.

I need better fan blinders.

By the way, here’s where I start nagging you...

What to do over the holiday break? All 5 seasons of Friday Night Lights is on DVD. If you have EVER watched an entire episode of Kardashian, you owe it to yourself to get started on FNL.