Taylor Kitsch has 3 films due out in 2012. In March it’s John Carter. In the summer it’s Battleship. In the fall, it’ll be Oliver Stone’s Savages. I love Taylor Kitsch. And I want so badly for him to become a big star. But I think it’ll be the second half of 2012 that’s promising than the first. Because from what we’ve seen of his two major blockbusters...

The Battleship trailer was greeted with a lot of snickering - click here to see. The John Carter trailer was better but still not warmly received - click here to see that. And now Entertainment Weekly has published a new still from the movie in its current issue of Taylor being attacked by a creature that’s supposed to impress me and I... I just can’t get with this. I really, really want to, but I just can’t.

So it’s Savages then. Hope for Savages. Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Johnson...and, yes, actually, even Blake Lively. Come on now. Blake Lively has to be better than blowing sh-t up against aliens on Battleships, right?

Click here to read more about John Carter from EW.com.