Not sure about you but this week feels like forever. And it’s only Wednesday.

So here’s a little Taylor Kitsch to ease the ride over the hump. Oh la.

Taylor in TV Guide, a new interview promoting the criminally underrated Friday Night Lights and his upcoming role at Gambit in Wolverine.

The most important question – does he have a girlfriend?

Deep breath…


Also, he’ll be changing his body. He’ll be getting smaller. Can you handle it? The good news is that it sounds like he landed a new role playing a drug addict. The bad news – he has to lose weight and all his muscles. This is why he conducted the interview on the phone at the grocery buying berries.

Adorable. Click here to read full TK TV Guide article.

And Friday Night Lights is Chelsea Handler’s favourite show. But people are too busy bothering with that dumbass Bachelor.

Zach Gilford was on Chelsea Lately last night. SO cute!