They’re saying that 2009 will Taylor Kitsch’s year. God I hope so. It’s taken too long. Those of you who keep ignoring my Friday Night Lights posts will find out soon enough after Wolverine the quiver you have been missing. And, better still, that he’s not likely to go the Robert Pattinson-Los Angeles route.

This is Taylor Kitsch in Tribeza Magazine. He’s Canadian. Grew up playing hockey. Like, please. From Victoria to St John’s that’s an instant aphrodisiac. And the way Riggins looks at Lyla during the first half of Season 3, your heart will explode, I promise. In close second are Matt and Julie. Without giving too much away, he shows up at her door one day and the expression on his face when he sees her is…

Had to rewind several times.

Click here to read Taylor’s article in Tribeza and please do watch FNL when it kicks up again in January, even if you’ve already cheated and downloaded the episodes. Because if you don’t watch on proper tv, it won’t come back.