Taylor Kitsch photos were available 4 out of 5 days this week, a first for Taylor Kitsch. It’s easy of course since he’s currently in Europe promoting Battleship, stopping today in Spain with Brooklyn Decker and Peter Berg.

Looks relaxed, doesn’t he? I like him so much in these shots. The more he does this, the more comfortable he’s becoming, the more his body language convinces me he believes (finally) that he belongs here. And it’s fortuitous too that he has this opportunity so soon after all that sh-t went down with John Carter. That way there was no time to stew in it. TK didn’t get to go hide away from the embarrassment; he had head straight back to work. And, well, he’s not shirking from the reality of it either. When asked about the John Carter debacle, he has nothing but love for his movie and his director.

“I would do John Carter again tomorrow. I’m very proud of John Carter. Box office doesn’t validate me as a person, or as an actor. I’d love to go do John Carter 2. I really would. It’s just sh-tty I don’t get to work with the [John Carter] family. It really was a special thing.”

After touring with Battleship, TK will soon have to move into promotion for Savages. We may get to go 4 out 5 again soon.