Taylor Kitsch was in Toronto yesterday promoting John Carter. He made the rounds at 299 Queen West which is where etalk is based, where Sasha goes to work every day. TK was scheduled to be interviewed by our show in addition to MuchMusic and several other outlets.

Sasha and her husband have recently started watching Friday Night Lights. Obviously she’s now obsessed. I think she’s at the stage where wants for Crucifictorious to be real. What? You don’t get it? Well… you could. Because why haven’t you watched Friday Night Lights yet?

Anyway, here’s what Sasha texted me at around 3:55 pm ET Wednesday, about 5 minutes before TK’s arrival into our studio:

I put on lipstick for Riggins.

She said his hair looks great in person and went on about his upper lip.

But is a hot upper lip enough to help John Carter?

Is James Dean enough to help John Carter?

Check out TK styled as JD in the new GQ. The pictures are ok. The interview is MUCH BETTER, especially compared to what happened on Letterman. I LOVE how he describes LA and why he chooses not to live there:

Oh, God, I could give you a million reasons why not L.A. I know actors that love the celebrity. For me, it's tough because you're doing six months of press. That's why you put all the work in and almost f-cking kill yourself, because if you've got to talk about it a million times, you'd better be proud. And I can't work. I lost a job that I wish I could have been a part of—three scenes in a character-driven movie that I'd murder to be a part of. But you sound like you're playing the violin when you say it. Relationships and friends go to the wayside. You get angry because it's press that's pulling you and not the work. And how do you f-cking build a relationship with a gal that you care for and say, "Hey, I'm going to be gone for eight weeks. I expect you to have the same feelings as right now in eight weeks. But I'll be in Japan, Russia, Spain..." You can't expect it. It's unfair. I think I chose to build in Austin because, in Austin, I can come and escape and be myself.

I love how humble he is when he talks about the pressure of this year, while acknowledging that this has to be his year, instead of shirking from it like so many of his peers would do:

2012 is really make-or-break, isn't it? I mean you've got John Carter and then you got Battleship, and then we end with a true bang in Savages with Oliver Stone. What are you gonna say? I mean, if Oliver Stone calls you you're going to f-cking go. Pete Berg calls you, you should go. Andrew Stanton asks me to be an extra in this Indie he's doing? You want me to get coffee on the way to the set?

There’s also a good bit when he talks specifically about working with Oliver Stone on Savages, once again adding to all that buzz about how this film is so good it merits a Tarantino comparison... whaaaat?

I’ll let you read it for yourself. Click here for the full GQ piece.

And click here to see more photos.

PS. How many people reading GQ have actually seen East of Eden? I don’t know how you can style a shoot without understanding what the movie is about. But when I say I’m afraid of a remake, the styling of these pictures is exactly what I mean.