Taylor Kitsch was named Male Star of Tomorrow at CinemaCon yesterday. Previous award winners include: 

2011 - Chris Hemsworth
2010 - Alex Pettyfer
2009 - Chris Pine
2007 - Shia LaBeouf

Taylor was there to promote two upcoming films for Universal. Battleship opens in North America on May 18 but it’s already been doing big business overseas, reportedly already at the $150 million mark (source). Will this make up for John Carter (where he’s concerned)? We’ve established that the John Carter debacle was a Disney mishandling issue. Battleship then should recover most of TK’s reputation. And then Savages, hopefully, will elevate it anew. Hopefully. There are those of you who write often who do not believe he has it, enough of it, to be a legitimate movie actor. We may not be able to decide that argument now. But at least he’s working. If Battleship and Savages deliver, he’ll work even more. Right now, that’s not bad at all.