This is Taylor Kitsch – WITH SHORT HAIR!!! – on the Marilyn Denis Show on Tuesday. I was on the Marilyn Denis Show on Monday. Motherf-ck!!!

But the hair is so much better, right?

He is hot as Tim Riggins, but I don’t like my boys with long hair. That was a character requirement, and that may be the only reason I’m happy Friday Night Lights is no more. This is more my quiver. Maybe if I’d remembered that his hair would be short I would have gone into the office yesterday.

Also attached – Taylor at George Stroumboulopoulos. In very un-Tim Riggins attire. It’s freakin’ me out a little.

Anyway, you know what sucks?

What sucks is that we don’t see Taylor at the movies in his two major projects until next year. And 2011 just started. Battleship and John Carter of Mars are not due until Summer 2012. Which … I’m not sure is so great that he has two huge projects pretty much right on top of each other. Whatever. We’ll worry about that when we need to. Right now what we worry about is how seldom he’s around. Maybe I should have gone to the office…

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