Blake Lively can be polarising. Some of you can’t deal. Others are all over it. Here’s something that we don’t have to fight over:

Blake is working on Oliver Stone’s The Savages with Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch as the two leads. Blake brings paps. And when she’s not available to shoot, they’ll shoot everyone else. To them, they’re less important. To us it’s collateral benefit.

This is Taylor Kitsch the other day hanging out on set. Happiness, right? See? Now don’t you want to thank Blake?

Sarah from Cinesnark messaged me the other day about Taylor and the John Carter footage that screened at D23, the Disney expo. She said it didn’t go over well. That it looks like it could be sucky. And, well, I don’t have to tell you about Battleship. Which breaks my heart that his two major blockbuster hopes might be totally sub-par. Which makes me even more relieved he’s on The Savages. I mean, I know it’s Oliver Stone and he might be crazy but I’ve heard that the screenplay is sick good. So at least we’re working from solid source material?

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