Can we start the week off with some love for Riggs? Riggs has had it rough the last few weeks with the John Carter debacle which... is totally not his fault, and so he won’t be blamed for it, don’t worry. It’s time then, as you do in Hollywood, to shake that sh-t off and look to the next: Battleship. I know, right? I had to laugh too. But Universal seems to have a lot of confidence in Battleship. For the first time in their history, the studio is releasing a movie earlier - by almost a month! - overseas before the domestic open so as to avoid Euro 2012. It’s about time, non? Enough with the domestic priority, especially now when so much depends on international earnings. Besides, it’s not like audiences in, say, Moscow give a sh-t about what an American critic says about a film anyway.

Does Battleship look stupid? Of course. Is it any more stupid than Fast Cars & Muscle Grunting 8 starring Vin Diesel? I’m just saying stupidity isn’t a deterrent for moviegoers. Sarah from Cinesnark says that Battleship seems dumb but fun. And, well, a lot of people don’t ask for much more when they go to the movies in the summer.

TK will be fine.

Here he is in Germany promoting Battleship today with Brooklyn Decker and Peter Berg with whom he will work again in Lone Survivor, expected to start shooting later this year with Mark Wahlberg and Ben Foster. See? TK is OK. Promise.