Taylor Kitsch was in New York this week for a last push to promote Battleship. After this he pretty much goes right into press for Savages. Battleship opens on Friday. Can it challenge The Avengers? The Avengers made over $100 million on its SECOND weekend. That’s crazy. I’m no box office scientist. I have no idea how much it’ll go down on its third weekend. But I’m curious to see if it goes down far enough for Battleship to take it.

Remember, Battleship has already made back most of its money overseas. Universal looks really, really good right now for releasing it internationally first. I was with several movie critics at the Snow White junket who said they liked it for what it was - big fun, little brain, and it doesn’t pretend to be more. And several preferred it to Dark Shadows. Would you have ever predicted this 6 months ago?