They say that John Carter is tracking well in Russia... but that it’s not doing so great in other parts of Europe and South America. Given how much Hollywood relies on foreign box office these days - even Prince of Persia was rescued overseas - well, it seems like this movie just can’t win. Not even at a 74% fresh rating (at press time) on Rotten Tomatoes...what?

That seems... generous. Unless the trailer isn’t representative of the film which... I mean how much of a departure can it be?

Here’s the John Carter cast, with director Andrew Stanton, in Moscow today to promote the film. They look hilariously awkward. And I think that means something. I mean, aside from Willem Dafoe, who’s not exactly a regular red carpet worker, none of these people are experienced famewhores and marketing machines. Am I imagining their shellshock, both at the jetlag, the travel, the promotional commitments, and also at the sh-t kicking they’ve been taking even more before the movie’s release?

As for TK and his hating on the Philippines - click here for my thoughts on the story yesterday - still not a word on his part though I imagine they may be trying to figure out how best to handle it. Taylor Kitsch isn’t famous enough that the story was the lead headline anywhere. You make a point of releasing the statement and you draw the attention of everyone who didn’t know...which is a lot of people. Then again, in letting it blow over, the Philippines will never want to be his friend. And, well, that’s understandable too.