Ryan Reynolds is getting his own X-Men Deadpool spinoff. Ugh. Why can’t it be Taylor Kitsch?

Taylor only attended ONE Wolverine carpet – the big splash in Tempe, Arizona. Likely because he’s busy shooting in South Africa. Good for him, sucky asses for us.

You all quickly came to his defence last week when I called him wee, arguing that of course he’d look wee next to Hugh Jackman and Reynolds. Fair enough. I still love him. Of course I do! He’s sweet and humble and works hard and wants to improve and isn’t a famewhore and doesn’t tweak his nipples in beater tanks for attention.

And he’s starting to get some more press. Some. Not enough, but some.

Click here for the NY Daily News interview and what he says is the one thing he doesn’t like about FNL’s renewal (has to do with his face!)

And click here for his interview with Allison Winn Scotch for American Way – he talks about his favourite book. It’s the same as Madonna!

And finally, click here for his interview with Andrea Warner for the Westender, a local boy talking to a local paper.

Photos from Entertainment Press/Splashnewsonline.com