Many of you have emailed re: Taylor Kitsch and the comments from Friday Night Lights producer Jason Katims that he’s leaving the show. You have anticipated that I’ll be sad. Quite the opposite actually. Kitsch will no longer be a regular featured player on FNL because he’s headlining his own Disney blockbuster John Carter of Mars which, if successful, could become a franchise. As you know, film is always the goal. And this, obviously, is a huge career move. I talked to him in Cannes in May and he was waiting for this decision. He was excited, he didn’t want to jinx it, he said it meant a lot to him. So of course he has to leave FNL behind. Of course he does. To love him is to support this.

Having said that, if you’ve been watching Season 4, you know so far that, really, there’s nowhere for Riggins to go. Without giving too much away, he is no longer a high school student. The show is about the high school community. It’s sad enough that he chose not to go to college and is sticking around, the Left Behind. If that is indeed Rigg’s fate, if he goes on to become Billy, maybe slightly more intelligent, well I don’t need to see it. And if high school football was his peak, well let then me remember him that way because, much as I love Tim Riggins, what’s left?

This why FNL is The Sh-t. Because it’s believable. And sometimes too real. And you have to love a show that knows itself.

For those of who have not yet enjoyed Season 4, I’ve watched 7 episodes. Half way through and I can assure you, we are back at Season 1 standards again. With a new set of compelling characters, and conflict, and a villain you want to castrate, this is rare television excellence. And you’re watching Jersey Shore instead. Amazing.

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