As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago – click here for the article - when I spoke to Taylor Kitsch at the Grey Goose party in Cannes, he was hoping for some good news. He’d just come from LA, auditioned for what he called was something “HUGE”, and he didn’t want to say more because he was worried about jinxing which is why I wrote last time that he needs your good vibes…

And your good vibes, they worked!

Taylor Kitsch has been confirmed as the lead in Disney’s next blockbuster franchise John Carter of Mars! Our Taylor Kitsch!

It’s a major, major accomplishment. With a LOT of money behind it. And it will make Taylor a big action movie star.

He was mingling as a relative unknown in Cannes, random bloggers able to talk to him at the bar, but those days are dying fast. Which is why in retrospect, it was a very good decision for me to touch his arms, not once, not twice but three times.

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