John Carter opens next week. And, well, you know. You’ve see the trailers. It doesn’t look good. I hope it’s good and I hope it opens big, for TK I want it to be big, but the only reaction I received whenever I mentioned it in LA the last few days was snickering.

Here’s Taylor Kitsch promoting John Carter in New York.

But don’t worry about him. He will be FINE. He’ll have Battleship for the dumbasses in the summer. And Savages for the more discerning as an alternative. And he’s already in talks to work on the film adaptation of the book Lone Survivor about Navy Seals, again with Peter Berg, alongside Mark Wahlberg and Ben Foster. This is decent company. This is encouraging company. This means that he has a champion. Peter Berg is clearly a fan of TK. Peter Berg is looking out for Taylor Kitsch. And he is smart to nurture this alliance. Texas forever, right?