Taylor Lautner is 18. Tom Cruise Junior is legal which means you’re allowed now. And I know you’re out there. I hear from you all the time. 



Are 18 year old boymen really fully formed? This 18 year old doesn’t seem like he knows yet. I don’t think he’s figured it out even though his entire life has already been mapped out for him. Taylor you’re a superhero. Taylor you’re a sweetheart. Taylor show your dimples and puff out your chest. Taylor meet Tom Cruise. He was you 25 years ago.

So here’s Junior Tom the other night at the premiere of Valentine’s Day working out his signature side lean. Hopefully he’ll outgrow this soon. 



Thanks to all of you who’ve forwarded the video over the last few months. I was saving it for a special occasion.


PS. Apparently it was a school project. 

Photos from Jen Lowery/Splashnewsonline.com and Bauergriffinonline.com and Wenn.com