Hell-OH Alex Meraz. He plays Paul in New Moon – here he is photographed on the weekend in Vancouver. Hot. SO hot. Alex was overheard telling people that he’ll be the “bad wolf” in the movie. Bad is good. Bad works for me.

Also attached – Taylor Lautner and his flawless skin (how is skin like this possible???) enjoyed a beautiful sunny break in the day. Vancouver is spectacular when it’s not raining. Just… it rains a LOT. Anyway, Taylor and Kristen were running lines all weekend, prepping to begin shooting in earnest this week. Robert Pattinson was running lines on Sunday too for a few hours. He has however for the most part shut himself in when not working out, apparently hasn’t ventured out much, prefers to be alone, politely declines invitations to go out, either getting into character or perhaps frightened by the loser twi-hards who’ve descended upon Vancouver to hunt him down? Twilight is boosting tourism!

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