If Maverick had a son? Please. Totally Taylor Lautner.

Check out the Junior GMD on the beach during Super Bowl weekend festivities on Saturday. Like the classic volleyball scene or, as my friend Joey Gorgeous calls it, “the gay sporty scene from that homo porno about pilots”.

After all these years, there is an heir to Tom Cruise.

Taylor’s presence this weekend at the highest profile event in the history of television was no accident. It’s just been announced that he’ll star as Stretch Armstrong, some kind of gumby action hero, which seems to be the career plan right now. Taylor’s body is his commodity. Kicking, boxing, running, jumping, never mind the acting, this is where the money is.

But they are similar, non? The way Taylor holds his body, his uber athlete poses, his shortness, the resemblance is uncanny. Freakin’ me out.

Photos from Wenn.com and Brian Prahl/Splashnewsonline.com