Tom Cruise at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Mission Impossible 3 in 2006 or Taylor Lautner in Pittsburgh yesterday shooting Abduction? Please. It’s everything. It’s the body type, it’s the mannerisms, it’s the overacting, it’s everything. And these days, Tom Cruise Jr has a bigger career than Tom Cruise Original. Perhaps he should start looking for father/son scripts, help save Tom. 

Call it Top Gun 25. 

It’s been a quarter of a century since Pete Maverick Mitchell took to the skies. Estranged from his wife and son, Pete is still teaching, still looking for the occasion game of shirtless pick-up volleyball, still riding around on his bike in tight jeans with his jaw clenched against the wind, fist pumping whenever a fighter jet takes off. 

But when Charlie is killed in a freak accident, their wayward son is sent to Miramar. Logan Mitchell is 20, bitter, angry, a skilled diver, and constantly shirtless. The Mitchells stare at each other through sunglasses and take a lot of deep breaths. But they must put aside their personal issues when the country needs them – an oil tanker has been trapped by pirates and is starting to leak, and only their combination of pilot/aquatic talent can rescue the ship and the environment. 

Under stress and intense pressure, the Mitchells must save the ocean and, in doing so, their relationship. 

Photos from and Scott Gries/Clarence Elie-Rivera/