Several cast members have wrapped on Twilight Eclipse in Vancouver and one by one they're heading out. Perhaps for good. Perhaps. As I've already noted, British Columbia's incentives are less attractive than other competing cities. The strength of the Canadian dollar, ironically, isn't helping either. Was at a tv junket all day today, chatting with local production teams, and they are feeling it, worried that the work might dry up. Big hint to the BC government.

On Saturday it was Ashley Greene and Taylor Lautner at Vancouver airport looking happy and relieved, making their exits with all their gear, now in promotion mode. With the release of New Moon less than a month away, we will be drowning in Twilight for the next several weeks as the actors embark on a massive publicity campaign that, for Summit, will hopefully result in a tremendous opening weekend take.

New Moon could be the biggest "regular weekend" premiere box office of the year considering that the previous summer juggernauts made their debuts on Wednesdays. Last year Laura predicted $70 million and won a bet with Stan. This year she's still mulling over her number. Whatever it is, there's no doubt New Moon will be huge. And its stars will be hustling for it all over the world.

We're not quite finished yet though. A few scenes have yet to be shot and this will all happen in studio including "Edward" beating the sh-t out of and killing "Victoria" and...something to make you Twi-Hards jizzy:

My sources tell me exclusively that the final Eclipse scene to be filmed will involve some romance. "Bella" tries to work "Edward" Pattinson's Marble Pole. Also there's some corny banter about how he would have pursued her old school styles.

As for Taylor…

Has to be said, because damn, he’s ONLY 17, but for me personally, these are the first shots that have prompted a loud ass f-ckin’ inner monologue reminder that this sh-t is illegal. I don’t even care about the shoes. Taylor Lautner is not a boy anymore.

Exclusive photos from PUNKD Images