New Moon is supposed to be the break out for Taylor Lautner – his chance to come out from the open mouth shadow of Robert Pattinson.

This is Taylor with New Moon director Chris Weitz in Vancouver yesterday at a lunch meeting and it’s your first look at Jacob and his friends – the Wolves! Thoughts on casting?

It’s been a long time since I read the book – because the entire f*cking book consists of Bella falling down and crying – but I think…it’s where Jacob grows like 10 inches seemingly overnight, right? Taylor has a long way to go. Or maybe height doesn’t matter in the movie. Like Edward didn’t exactly sparkle so perhaps Jacob doesn’t have to be so tall?

These are decisions for Chris Weitz. However yesterday Chris Weitz, in addition to spending time with his wolves, was at a luxury dealership checking out options for the Cullen fleet. All I remember is they like expensive fast cars. Please twihards, please you don’t need to email me with the details. Please know I’m thrilled you have them memorised.

Anyway, back to Taylor and his skin – it’s perfect, non? Seems like a sweet, earnest kid. He deserves a piece of the Twi Pie too! Laura…be nice.

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