This is Josh Duhamel – he’s a fine looking man, non? – on the Vancouver set of Ramona and Beezus today. Also attached – Selena Gomez shooting the other day.

Speaking of Selena, she and Taylor Lautner – the most adorable young couple – have spent time together every day this week, whenever they can squeeze in an hour or two. Definitely getting closer. Taylor’s call times have been late lately – he didn’t start last night til well after 10pm.

As for how things are progressing with Selena, they like each other A LOT. Holding hands all the time, steady communication – the standard ways kids communicate these days. SO f-cking cute!

Re: New Moon schedule – as I reported already this week, yesterday they finished off the break up scene. Edward kisses Bella, then takes off. And Jacob comes into Bella’s bedroom through the window.

Finally, thanks for your messages and requests for more hate mail.

Am thinking of compiling a section every Friday. Thoughts?

For now, suck on this:


Your a ho! But you don’t care because you love Nikki Reed, she’s a ho too! Why aren’t you bragging about your story? Ya so what Rob f-cked her, he’s a man and he has needs. But look at her she’s lezzy just like you. One day Robsten will be together and I can’t wait to see what you’re gonna say then! Ps you probably like mike oregino because he’s ugly like your HUSBAND! Lol!!!!!! From Roblovah

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