Tom Cruise Jr attended the GQ Men of the Year party in Hollywood last night. As you can see, the side-leaning, while not so pronounced anymore, is still part of the Lautner pose technique.

I’ve been asked often lately, after posting details about the Breaking Dawn Part 1 screenplay, how the Imprinting scene will work out in the film. We discussed this during the LiveBlog the other day but it’s worth repeating here for easier reference.

Warning: spoilers.

Bella gives birth to the baby with the dumb name. She dies. As in she’s done with her human form and the vampire juice starts working but on the outside she looks like a corpse. Everyone is sad. Jacob is sad. He goes off and spends some sad time on his own. Then he comes back because he has to kill the thing with the stupid name. As soon as he lays eyes on her, the rest of the world disappears. It’s a tunnel linking them together. And he sees her grow, he sees her future – she’s 2, 4, she’s 6, she’s 10, she’s a teenager, and then she’s a woman, and this is when he knows he’s in love. It actually reads very well and not as lame and creepy as it does in the book; a very strong scene, if allowed to unravel the way it does on the page.

While all this is happening, Edward is inconsolable over Bella. Then he hears Jacob’s thoughts, realises Jacob has, um, imprinted on his newborn daughter. So they throw down and Edward wails on Jacob and Jacob has to eat it because he’s all weak and fragile from the imprint process.

Then the vampire juices start working inside Bella. Move into her consciousness, excruciating pain, internal turmoil, then move out, quick transition, to her eyes, they open, RED. End. Credits. Then after the credits there’s a scene with the Volturi and Aro finding out that she was turned and then he’s all like – I want that bitch. Real end part 1.

Lautner has yet to shoot these scenes as right now this week in Louisiana, only Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are required. They are filming honeymoon interiors. He’s feeling badly about her bruises, and she’s locked in the bathroom, then he realises she’s sick, and then they both realise she’s pregnant.

More details to come about the second part and production.

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