Taylor Lautner is in Paris today for some kind of autograph session. As you can see, they queued for hours for a glimpse at Tom Cruise Jr. It must have been this awesome poster. I mean... if that doesn’t say “I’m a cool man jack!” then my ma ain’t Chinese.

TCJ is totally workin’ the leather jacket and the white tee and the jeans and the hard stare. Very Top Gun.

Not really sure why he gets a solo promotional tour. Perhaps he’ll be busy when the press obligations for Twilight Eclipse take over the universe but that seems unlikely. Why wouldn’t they want their #3 on board during the onslaught? I don’t have intimate knowledge of his schedule and his strategery. But I’ve not doubt part of it has to do with wanting to portray Taylor as a big boy now. A big boy who can go out all by himself away from the shadow of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

Photos from Wenn.com