This must be why he’s walking around with his shirt unbuttoned.

Check out Tom Cruise’s Junior Mint, Taylor Lautner, after dinner last night in West Hollywood showing you the man he is via shots of his young chest. The child thinks he’s Colin Farrell now, poor thing. If only they could all be Colin Farrell with a few strategically forgotten buttons.

From Twilight to Adam Sandler, Junior just wrapped work on Grown Ups 2 so, obviously, quality is the career priority here. To be fair, you can’t fault his decision. Grown Ups 2 may have been his only option. Which I find very, very interesting. That even before the official conclusion of the Twilight era, never mind the pathetic Ashley Greene, even its #3 is having a hard time moving beyond. Five years from now, how many former Twilighters will still matter? Stewart and Pattinson (if he doesn’t become Orlando Bloom) for sure. Anyone else?