Taylor Lautner hired a publicist a few months ago called Robin Baum. One of the best. Or at least Baum is used by some of the best. Since this story broke, Baum’s name has been widely attached to Johnny Depp and Daniel Craig as current clients. But consider too that Baum also works with Ryan Gosling (for several years), James Franco, and Benicio Del Toro, just to name a few...

So this is someone who knows talent, who doesn’t f-ck around with stupid strategies...

And Robin Baum just fired Tom Cruise Jr.

Because the little machine has a major pain in the ass of a parent pimp: his father.

Very bad sign.

Already, as demonstrated, Lautner is a robot, no personality. He’s been sheltered and manufactured, completely controlled, and now, just 19, he’s having a hard time accessing wise, influential, and resourceful advisors because apparently his dad “isn’t the easiest guy to work with”. And at such a critical time too.

Lautner is scheduled to present at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday. Right now he has no rep. And he’s moving into promotion for two major releases – the first installment of the next Twilight film (due out in November but apparently headed for Comic-Con) and his first non-Twilight leading role Abduction scheduled in theatres in September. Right now then is when they’re supposed to be lining up photo shoots, interviews, etc. Right now is when they need to focus. Right now everyone knows Robin Baum didn’t want to put up with the dad. Right now, when he’s about to be on a press charge, Taylor Lautner is looking for a new press director. That’s not a great reputation to have. I mean, it’s not like he won’t be able to find a publicist, obviously he will, he has the money. But there are studio executives and producers now who have this on their minds:

That Lautner kid, is he worth it? I heard the dad was a punk. We don’t need any drama on this. I’d rather we go with someone else. Last thing our director wants is a know-it-all father lurking over his shoulder. You heard that too? Is he the type? Yeah, let’s pass and keep looking for someone else...

And that’s the Sliding Doors of a career.

Attached – a selection of photos of Father Lautner from when he was here in Vancouver shooting the Twilights with his son. For a while there, TC Jr was allowed to hang out with cast members, go out, experience life. Then, for some reason, that was totally shut down. He was very, very rarely seen socially during production for the final movie. Also do you remember when TC Jr was baby-dating Selena Gomez?

They were awfully cute, went to the movies, giggled, touched hands over popcorn and teased each other about scary things. Anyway, my sources tell me Selena was pretty into it. But Father Lautner supposedly lost his sh-t when the two of them were shot together and everyone found out they were trying to be boyfriend/girlfriend. When TC Jr wrapped in Vancouver on Eclipse, he pretty much booked it out of town, and I hear he didn’t give Selena much of an explanation. A month later, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift were an item, and daddy did NOT disapprove of that one.

Imagine being told what to do, eat, say, date, walk, talk, love, BE... ??? For so many years?

He is 19. If he doesn’t rebel it’s trouble because he isn’t ANYTHING at all except for what THEY have created. If he rebels there’s trouble because at this point he’s never had a chance to actually decide who he is. What happens when you take the toy out of the factory and tell it to fend for itself?

And worse still, as previously noted, I’m not sure this boy has any friends. Does he? I mean, if this is what’s wanting the best for your children...

Exclusive photos from PUNKD Images