Saturday Taylor Lautner went to dinner and a movie with Selena Gomez, young love in bloom.

Sunday he and his dad hooked up for a friendly lunch with a girl he used to work with back in the Nickelodeon days. Vancouver is a major production hotspot right now! The girl was accompanied by her mother who is also her publicist. Needless to say, mom/publicist was hoping she could hitch a ride onto Taylor who now, as you know, has earned a very high profile.

This is why the four of them were walking around downtown that afternoon trying to attract attention, practically flailing their arms around until the paps were notified. And so they came. And then Taylor’s dad and no-name girl’s mom (what’s she called? no clue, don’t care) tried to get out of the way to encourage the two being shot together.

Don’t worry about drama. There is no drama. Selena is a Disney child. She knows the business, she understands how this business works. Taylor is learning too.

Because the next day, Monday, as soon as his photos with Selena dropped and made a huge splash, suddenly he was all camera shy. Not 24 hours before, he was walking around downtown Vancouver, happily promoting a friend (this girl has the makings of a new Shelfy Biel, non?) and the next day his dad and trainer are all pap-phobic and escaping.

They grow up so fast…

As for what’s happening on set of New Moon today – continuing to shoot break up and Bella losing it and some scenes with Bella and Jacob in her room. Tomorrow, it’s a movie theatre and an Edward apparition and a motorcycle or something.

PS. Just contacted by her publicist who wrote the following:

I am responding to your posting regarding. The girl Taylor is with is my client Victoria Justice who is a rising star on the Nickelodean network who is in Vancouver shooting the title role for a new Nick oroginal TV movie thriller. In addtion she will be starring on her own show on the network that will premiere in early 2010 and she was one of the stars of Zoey 101 and recently starred in Nick's TV movie Spectacular! She has appeared on numerous magazine covers for Tiger Beat, Bop, Popstar, Twist, J-14 and was recently featured in Teen Vogue as "The Girl of the Moment."

They've known each other since they were 11.

Exclusive photos from PUNKD Images