With friends?


With a contest winner. Close enough?

A young woman won the big prize and they went on a boat ride together down the Seine. Looks like there was a camera crew following them around too. Oh fun. Young Taylor gets to spend his free time not working with people who enter contests to meet him. Well, actually, that’s work too isn’t it? So when does he not work? When does he chill with his boys? Does he have boys?

That, really, is what the commentary is all about. And the comparison, aesthetic and allegorical, to Tom Cruise is a reflection of what Taylor Lautner represents. What is his life beyond his career? Or are machines not expected to have lives of their own?

Tom Cruise Jr’s per picture asking price is now reportedly $7.5 million. Nope. No life for Taylor.

Photos from KCSPresse/Splashnewsonline.com