Joe Jonas hit up the Knicks game at Madison Square Garden last night fronting like he’s all manly man with the sporty sportos. Am very, very surprised that Ashley Greene isn’t hanging off him auditioning for a spot on the Knicks cheerleading squad. She doesn’t usually pass up those kinds of opportunities.

Without her, the Middle Vagina Virgin seemed ... well... like he’s acting without a partner. Totally uncomfortable. Reminded me of a photo Lorella sent me last night with the caption “I can’t help laughing at this picture”.

It’s Tom Cruise Jr at the Saints game last week posing with the Saints girls, willing himself to get through it, like he’s holding his breath, counting down the seconds until he can get away from all those tits. Not all 18 year old boys fantasise about being surrounded by scantily clad dancers, ok?

Taylor Lautner is a Professional Machine. It’s about the work, the focus, the commitment, the career, Hu-Ah motherf-ckers!

Photos from Wenzelberg/ and © Press