Taylor Lautner received the loudest cheers last night on the carpet at the MMVAs. Keep in mind though that the Jonas Brothers did not walk and neither did Lady Gaga.

Still, we all know Twilight’s popularity, and of course Taylor’s recent surge thanks to the steady stream photos coming out of Vancouver where New Moon was filmed and also his bare chest in the New Moon trailer that was previewed at the Movie Awards.

Everyone likes a bare chest.

But Taylor apparently doesn’t want to talk about the bare chest.


He was at a junket on Saturday with several Canadian outlets all instructed NOT to ask him about his bare chest. Please kid, you’re f-cking trading on your body. And now you don’t want to talk about your body? If that’s a problem, take it up with Summit. They teased and tantalised on Taylor’s toned abs to end their first preview, so blame them if everyone keeps asking about the physique.

At the MMVAs his people guarded him very, very closely, sequestered primarily in the celebrity dressing area, no media, no mingling. Fair enough. He is only 17. And his last name is not Lohan.

Saturday night Taylor hung out with Rachelle Lefevre but both also took time to sign autographs and pose for fans waiting outside the hotel.

Here he is presenting. They made them wait til the very end to see him introduce Nickelback. He said they were one of his favourite bands.

Clearly the child needs better taste in music.

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