Today in completely improbable news, Taylor Lautner is replacing Andy Samberg on the BBC comedy Cuckoo. Let’s give that a moment to sink in: We now live in a world where Taylor Lautner is an acceptable comedic replacement for Andy Samberg.

Cuckoo is about a British girl who marries a hippy-dippy American during her gap year and takes him home to her uptight British family. Samberg was the American, the titular Cuckoo. It aired originally in 2012 and was an okay show, but not as good as producer Ash Atalla’s previous shows, The Office and The IT Crowd. On the whole Samberg has a much, MUCH better gig on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. But Cuckoo was popular in the UK so it got renewed, except that during its hiatus, Samberg landed Brooklyn Nine-Nine and is no longer available. Enter Taylor Lautner.

Lautner isn’t assuming Samberg’s role, as Cuckoo will be killed off, but he will be playing the “mysterious” new stranger in town. Cuckoo is a culture-clash comedy, and in the first series Samberg’s character was calculated to be as obnoxious and strange as possible. I figured that was the entire reason Samberg was cast—as an actor he’s prone to hamminess, which makes him perfect for over-the-top characters like Cuckoo. But Taylor Lautner? I can only assume that the show is going in a new direction and will now be about a town being infiltrated by pod people who erase their host’s personality, and that Lautner is starring as the personality-destroying pod person. Actually, maybe it’s not that big of a leap after all.

Are you watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine? You should really be watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Attached – Taylor Lautner at a basketball game last month.