I have read your emails. Your confession emails. Your violation of Gay Math emails re: Taylor Lautner. Don’t worry, I won’t tell. I won’t single you out. But per your request, I will continue to feed you.

Besides, it’s not wrong if you’re not acting on it.

Of course I will defend you. As you know, and as my friends Duana and Michelle never hesitate to point out, I have this problem too. Not with Taylor but ok yeah maybe with Hunter Parrish. I blame the Weeds writers for this and, besides, it passes.

For now though I will enable you.

These are some beautiful shots of Taylor yesterday afternoon running through the rain in Vancouver. He’d popped out during lunch with Selena Gomez and her co-star Hutch Dano to pick up something at the corner store. Enjoy.

More on Taylor and Selena later.

Exclusive photos from
PUNKD Images