Looks like someone is teaching him how to dress. Taylor Lautner was still in Europe this weekend on his solo promotional tour promoting Himself and hit up the Belstaff store in Madrid. I wish we had a Belstaff store in Canada. Best.Jackets.Ever.

I bought one last year on sale at Basquiat in Vancouver – LOVE it so much. And there’s a new badass short belted trench I’ve had my eye on for weeks and last year Jacek tried on a beautiful grey bomber but since he has the worst style ever, he decided not to buy it. Tom Cruise Jr however is learning. And hopefully the Belstaff staff helped him with his pants. Because they’re hitched a bit too high and from the back, sweet Xenu, from the back they’re not working at all.

A man’s back shot is very important. You need to leave a lasting impression that doesn’t sag. TCJ’s lasting impression leaves a lot to be desired. This should be a lesson plan in Movie Star Heartthrob 101. Come on now, Team Lautner, get on it.

Oh and one more thing, in response to those of you complaining about him being “just a kid” and to “leave him alone” because he’s so young, just like Justin Bieber...

Taylor Lautner and Justin Bieber work in adult industries earning adult salaries with adult responsibilities. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t put them in those positions and then demand they be treated like children. Your children? Definitely off limits. But the minute you start whoring and pimping and they’re supporting the family, it’s grownup commentary all the way.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com