What’s the value of your “emotional distress and annoyance”? Bet you it’s worth less than Taylor Lautner’s. After all, he’s young, and rich, reportedly asking up to $7 million a movie these days, and the TwiHards love him and he gets to travel the world and they’re grooming him to be the next Tom Cruise... so OF COURSE his feelings cost more than yours. Especially when his feelings, and his poor little back, were hurt because a bedazzled luxury trailer he had ordered wasn’t delivered in time while he was working on a new movie called Abduction.

According to TMZ, Lautner ordered the personal trailer to be delivered so that he could use it on location. The cost? $300,000. The trailer has yet to arrive. So he’s suing on grounds of “emotional distress and annoyance”. Was Taylor forced to sleep in the forest? On a bed of twigs? Or did he shack up under the bridge, sharing a tent with an alcoholic wanderer?


They would have put him up in a hotel. At least a suite. So the emotional distress? Maybe the hotel didn’t have a jungle gym. When you deprive Taylor of his playthings, Taylor stomps his feet, throws a tantrum, and gets legal up in the ass.

In fairness to him however, it’s probably not his decision. It’s probably the management, or the dad, or whoever it is running the Taylor Lautner Corporation, the same people who’ve turned him into a robot and keep telling him to E-NUN-CEE-ATE his syllables.

Give him enough sh-t about being a whinging primadonna though and maybe they’ll be forced to donate their lawsuit damages to a homeless shelter, for people who actually experience emotional distress over not having a cushy place to stay. Tough up little bitch.

Photo from Wenn.com