No disrespect to Europeans, but as I’ve always said, there’s a different benchmark for fame here. They get famous for less here (although I suppose with reality tv, it’s not a huge discrepancy anymore in North America) and they stay famous longer here. Taylor Momsen did something at the EMAs last night in Madrid. Probably presented. And her band was there too. Not sure why. This is unimportant. The point is that Taylor Momsen would not have been presenting at the VMAs. There’s no shortage of names at the VMAs. And letting her present as a “musician” would have been greeted with a giant, WHAT IN THE F-CK? Example: Eva Longoria hosted the EMAs this year. See?

Anyway, that was a major tangent and not the original subject of this post. The original intended subject of this post is that both Taylor Momsen and Ke$sha were there, and while I don’t have footage of them side by side, it’s immediately obviously, I think, that these two were made to be friends and frenemies.

Jack Daniels, cigarettes, sex, and an overdose of f-ck you attitude that’s rooted in all kinds of fraud, they’re the same, and the same. Ke$ha and Taylor should make out one day. Get tattoos of each other. Pose on the red carpet with their tongue piercings linked, then accuse everyone of hating them for being lesbians when most people can’t remember who they are, then break up and claim suicide on the same day, then both pursue a relationship with Jared Leto, then throw down over Jared Leto on the day Brad and Angelina decide to go beachside and get photographed in swimwear. Angie in a bikini. Ke$ha and Momsen lose again.

Even the pretend version of this story feels so good.

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