Oh look, it’s Taylor Momsen walking around New York trying to give you a glimpse of her snatch. You like the garters? She thinks she’s so punk as f-ck, non? Taylor was heading to set on Gossip Girl.

I was agonising with my friend LB this weekend about my New York wardrobe. Here in Vancouver we can wear Converse year round. And I do. It’s been nearly 10 years since moving from Toronto. We layer on the West Coast. Jacek doesn’t own a sweater. I only have 1 turtleneck. We don’t need huge coats and boots. So clothes-wise, I thought we’d be a little unprepared if there’s a winter blast while we’re in NYC and Toronto over the holidays.

Stupid me. Stressing over nothing.

Obviously warmth is not an issue if Taylor Momsen can stroll around in a twat-spreading skirt over bare legs. My chucks will work just fine.

Photos from 893/Splashnewsonline.com