In New York today on set at Gossip Girl. Everyone else between scenes is bundled up, including the adorable Leighton Meester but Taylor Momsen, a meltdown waiting to happen, appears to be immune to the frost, and looks older than everyone else. Almost older than even Kelly Rutherford.

This is what Benjamin Button SHOULD have been about: why do kids these days turn 40 on their 16th birthdays?

By the way, is Lily getting pregnant? Because back in the Cosby Show days it was one thing…but now, now the paper bag routine, or I guess on the UES it’s a Birkin, the Birkin cover up is getting tired.

Blake’s tights and boots…love.

GG took a break this week, will be back on Monday. Am excited. Hopefully without Dan, Serena can develop a personality. As for storyline – SPOILER alert:

Ausiello says Serena is the new Anne Hathaway. She’ll fall in love with a shady pretender. And then Georgina comes back, possibly to save the day? Note that it always takes someone else to make bland Blake MORE interesting.

Seriously, why doesn’t Leighton get more love?

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