Luca Guadagnino’s Bones and All was a slam dunk at the Venice Film Festival on Friday night. This is Luca’s home festival and he received a rapturous welcome back with an over eight-minute standing ovation. Bones and All is about disenfranchisement and identity featuring two young cannibals (Taylor Russell and Timothée Chalamet) on a road trip who fall in love, and even though its Venice reception was so positive, it’ll be interesting to see if the Academy can actually get with the beautiful weirdness that drives this story. Getting big love from Venice doesn’t hurt, obviously. Word of mouth when the public is finally able to see it will help too, just like it did with Call Me By Your Name. 


Until then, though, it’s about buzz. Buzz can begin on a red carpet. And Team Bones really brought it on the Venice red carpet. Thank you to the person who sent me this tweet about the looks that were served: 

Even Mark Rylance, not typically known as a red carpet superstar, LOL, joined in on the style energy of his cast mates and came to play in his favourite jaunty black hat and skinny red tie, coordinating with both Luca and Timmy.


Taylor, meanwhile, is a standout in green – this is Balenciaga, special on its own and taken to exquisite levels on her. I love the decision to wear the white gloves. And the decision to skip the jewels because who needs embellishment when you’re looking at her face! Her face with that hair! 

Also…are Taylor and Timmy the Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac of Venice 2022? Jessica and Oscar broke Twitter last year. And on Friday night through Saturday morning, from the photo call to the press conference, to the premiere, Twitter was shattered over Taylor and Timmy: 


That kind of content is all over social media. Once upon a time they shipped Timmy and Saoirse Ronan. Once upon another time they shipped Timmy and Florence Pugh. Now it’s Timmy and Taylor for the next few months – and I’m not saying they’re a couple IRL, but if they ever find themselves with the internet’s current favourite couple, Zendaya and Tom Holland, Twitter will actually end itself. By the way, the possibility isn’t that far off either considering Timmy and Zendaya have been filming Dune.

Going back to Taylor though, who is Canadian (!), many critics are saying that Bones and All is her moment. She broke out in 2019 in Waves and her celebrity will undoubtedly surge with this film, especially if they decide to campaign for awards. She has, in Timmy, the perfect guide. 

You know all that talk about how movie stars aren’t made anymore? True to a certain extent, I guess, but there are always exceptions. Timothée Chalamet is the Movie Star of his generation. Call Me By Your Name created him, Lady Bird sustained him, Little Women maintained him, Dune confirmed him. And the red carpet crowned him. 


No other male actor inspires the kind of anticipation that Timmy does before his arrival. He knows…and he keeps delivering. This is custom Haider Ackermann, who collaborates often with Timmy – a shimmery cannibal red halter jumpsuit featuring a completely open back that ONLY a bonafide Movie Star could pull off.