Taylor Swift, Alexander Skarsgard, and Katie Holmes are all in South Africa to shoot The Giver. And they all went out for dinner the other night with other cast members. Click here to see the photos. How badly do you want that to happen?


Well, we have two options here. Or three.

1.Taylor + Alexander. He has some Twi-Hardy fans of his own. And they would go apesh-t if he hooked up with her.

Pros: this combination is good for gossip and they’re both tall.
Con: not sure the world could handle her gloating if she hooked up with Vampire Eric

2.Katie + Alexander. That’s a pretty attractive couple. And he’s not short, at all, which would make her ex-husband even crazier.

Pros: this combination is great for gossip. Also, imagine Tom Cruise’s face when Alexander drops Suri off for visitation.

Cons: I can’t think of one.

3.Katie + Alexander + Taylor. Like, what if Taylor happens first and then Katie after, like triangle styles?

Pros: AWESOME for gossip.

Cons: Impossible