It was a fun-filled Fourth of July at Camp Swift yesterday! Last year, I think I remember Taylor giving out star spangled banner onesies. This year, in the afternoon, she and several members of her squad were seen in red, white, and blue swimwear – in men’s trunk, women’s one piece, and bikini options. Because on Independence Day, Taylor thinks of EVERYTHING.

We all must be in coordinated outfits while tumbling down the “Taymerica” giant waterslide.

See more photos of the waterslide etc here.

PEOPLE reports that Taylor and her best friend Karlie Kloss held hands going down the slide. Tom Hiddleston did flips. And the reason they know this is because locals and fans and paps were camped outside the property, watching it all. That’s also how we know what happens at night at Camp Swift:


Apparently you could hear it from a block away. Twitter proves this to be fact. On the karaoke playlist? Britney Spears.

And Backstreet Boys.

How f-cking happy do you think Tom Hiddleston was last night? And how many people did he knock over in his rush to get to the mic? You know who he is. At karaoke there’s always one. The mic whore. The one knows every song and somehow, even though it’s not his turn, ends up with the mic in his hand harmonising to Hold On by Wilson Phillips. In our friend group that person is Duana. And Dan Levy. At Camp Swift, that person had to have been Tom Hiddleston, who’s never met a song or an imitation he could resist.

And what’s so delightful is that he’s finally met someone who will clap for him in encouragement. She’s the matching double exclamation point to his triple exclamation point!!! Tom probably didn’t want to go to bed last night. Come on everyone! Let’s just sing one more! How about Queen? Bohemian Rhapsody!

At Asian karaoke (the best kind of karaoke because of private rooms and snacks) the songs are played on cheesy montage videos of people walking on the beach and looking out at the oceans from windy balconies. Some people this week have compared the Swoki relationship to a music video. No. Not just a music video. An Asian karaoke music video, the French manicure of music videos.


Happy 4th from us ❤️

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