Taylor Swift and Harry Styles took their music video romance to Park City, Utah on Friday for some pre-Christmas down time. Click here to see a few photos of them having lunch at the resort.

Who else was in Utah?

Taylor’s best friend Selena Gomez was around too. And Justin Bieber joined her there. A snowy, nose rub, cutesy double date! Click here to see photos of Selena and Justin being back together at the airport in Salt Lake City. One day to Christmas...

Will they make it?

While Selena and Justin keep breaking up and reuniting every 5 minutes, Harry Styles arrived back in London today. UK gossips had originally reported that he’d spend Christmas in Australia with Taylor who’s supposedly heading there for promotion. All that time difference confuses me but...I’m pretty sure he’s already missed Christmas in Australia by now so... it’s probably safer to assume their Christmases will be apart but they still have New Year’s Eve?